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At iHeart Repair, we specialize in high quality repairs for iPhones. No matter what model of iPhone you have, iHeart Repair has you covered. We keep the parts in stock, and our certified technicians will help get your iPhone back in working order. We make sure the repair is done right, the first time!

Our iPhone repairs are backed by a 2-Year Warranty!

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Shattered iPhone Glass

Broken glass on the front of an iPhone is the most common damage to occur. Our convenient One-Hour iPhone Repair will have you back on your iPhone with as little downtime as possible. All you need to do is give us a call at 941-270-3577 and let us know when you'll be coming by!

iPhone 5/5s/5c Screen Repair

We now offer our One Hour iPhone Screen Repair for each of the iPhone 5 models! The repair is done quickly by our experienced iPhone repair technicians. The 3 versions of the iPhone 5 are disassembled from the front to the back which gives us quick access to the screen, the battery, & the home button. We've made the repair as quick and painless as possible, and you get our outstanding 2-Year Warranty included with the repair.

iPhone 4 & 4S Screen Repair

For the iPhone 4 & 4S the front glass repair procedure takes just about an hour to do correctly. Our repair techs have done this repair before, many times, so we know the ins and outs of the iPhone 4 & 4S. When we repair the front glass of an iPhone 4 or 4S we actually replace the LCD at the same time. (The LCD is the screen behind the glass that produces the image you see) Why do we replace the LCD? Because the LCD and glass are fused together at the factory, and we don't have to worry about dust particles getting stuck between the glass and the LCD screen. The back glass repair is simple. It takes us about 5 minutes to complete the repair and when paired with a front glass repair it comes with a discount!

iPhone Broken Screen in SarasotaCommon iPhone Repairs

Model numbers are listed below each iPhone type, you can find the model number on the back of your iPhone in very small lettering.

iPhone 5s Repair

(A1453, A1457,A1528, A1530, A1533)

iPhone 5s Screen Repair
  • iPhone 5s Battery Replacement
  • Home Button Repair - $69.95
  • Power Button Repair - $79.95
  • Lightning Dock Repair - $69.95
  • Headphone Jack Repair - $69.95

iPhone 5c Repair

(A1456, A1507, A1526, A1529, A1532)

iPhone 5 Repair

(A1428, A1429)

iPhone 4 / 4S Repair

(A1387, A1349, A1332)

iPhone 3G or 3GS Repair

(A1303, A1241)

One-Hour Local Repair

If you are local to iHeart Repair, you can simply come by our repair center for the repair. We keep the parts in stock so you don't have to wait!

Your iPhone repair not listed?

We can repair almost anything on your iPhone, call us today at 941-270-3577 to learn more.

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